Practice Management and Billing Software for Therapists, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, and Other Health Care Practitioners.

Easy and powerful, SumTime® is the practice management solution for health care professionals. SumTime® offers the most comprehensive means for preparing billing statements and tracking payments and maintaining records.

HIPAA---Since, we use the HCFA print image and recommend a Clearinghouse, and because Sumtime® cannot access the internet and the internet cannot access sumtime®. We do not have to worry about being HIPAA Electronic claims compliant. But we are HIPAA security compliant.

HCFA---Sumtime® takes The client information you have placed into a Sumtime® database, then fills out and prints each field on the new CMS-1500 form that takes the NPI numbers.

Sumtime® also prepares financial reports and keeps tabs on managed care arrangements, copayments and more. You can also set up Sumtime® to keep track of all business expenses for your Tax purposes

Available in Windows version, SumTime® makes the most of the hardware you already own. If you own a PC with Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, 98, Windows ME, and Windows XP,and Windows 2000. Evem the new windows 64 bit Pro or Ultimate will run the Windows program. All you need, is to download the virtual XP from Microsoft and you can have Sumtime® running in an XP Window, you have what you need for SumTime®. Any Macintosh running the current OS/10 can run the windows version of Sumtime® with a program on the internet that runs $59.95.

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